Throy (The Cadwal Chronicle, Book 3)

Throy - Jack Vance Sadly, Throy doesn't live up to its predecessors, [b:Araminta Station|1876048|Araminta Station|Jack Vance||2705034] and [b:Ecce and Old Earth|40915|Ecce and Old Earth (Cadwal Chronicles, #2)|Jack Vance||40500]. It's still Vance, and therefore a fun read. But he doesn't seem to have put much effort into this book, which seems a somewhat half-hearted effort to tie up loose ends. There's not a lot of mystery, and the expected resolution comes about, though with more callous bloodshed than one might anticipate.

All in all, a decent and readable book. Definitely worth reading to finish up the series, but otherwise not interesting enough to be one of Vance's best.

CVIE edition