CORRUPTION: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice

CORRUPTION: A Marshal Boothe Tale of Justice - Jak Holding, Johnny Atomic, Mike Conrad I was taken with [b:CORRECTION|15788965|CORRECTION A Gerald Ruhming Tale of Terror|JAK HOLDING||21509665], Holding's previous 'entrypoint' novella - enough so that I picked up this story as well. I'm glad I did. Both stories are told in a grim, no-holds barred style that draws the reader in. The prose is smooth, the characters credible. There aren't a lot of original ideas in this - a police story set on Mars - but the storytelling is good.

I'm particularly taken with the idea of a series of linked novellas tied in with the main novel - [b:SIMON VECTOR|13047750|SIMON VECTOR|JAK HOLDING||18212278]. The two I've read so far have mild connections, and clearly hint at setup for the larger story. Two more such stories are promised, and I look forward to them. In fact, my question now is whether to wait for those and then read Simon Vector, or read the novel now, and the stories later.

All in all, well written, engaging police SF that is well worth your money and your time.